Designer & art director
living in California

Apple iOS 10

iOS 10 brought several new features to iPhone and iPad — most notably Raise to Wake and improvements to Messages, Maps and Photos. This version also brought the new Home and redesigned Music apps. We worked through several interactive concepts with a focus on highlighting a breadth of new features and content. This is what launched with WWDC 2016.

“Impactful Moments” concepts

We intitially explored the iOS 10 site as a preview of what was to come. These concepts took a highlevel and playful approach of showing screen animations and sublte device movements with large imagery.

Year: 2016
Roles: Design Lead, Art Direction, Interaction, Motion, Retouching
Team: Andrew Dean, Randy Pikul, Chad Casper, Alan Quijano, Henrik Karlsson, Dinesh Dave, Davy Rudolph, Stefan Schuster