Designer & art director
living in California

Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7 was a turning point for iPhone. The new design featured two new finishes, Black and Jet Black — an immersive sound experience with stereo speakers and dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus that create a beautiful depth of field effect. The challenge with the launch of iPhone 7 was to clearly highlight these new features and honor the timeless industrial design.


With the ever increasing use of mobile browsers — we focused much of our attention on the mobile version of the website. Early on we agreed that reducing the number of swipes and delivering our message succinctly, was a necessary change. We explored several iterations of this concept, all clearly highlighting the section heroes and embedding the internal content in an expandable drawer. To give the user a sense of place, we used color to differentiate between the levels of content — black for section heroes and white for section content.  

We needed a clever way to represent all the variations of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. After many concepts I developed this 3D compostion for what we wanted and passed it on to another group for the final asset.


*Hardware renders to show scale

Apple AirPods  + Renders

Year: 2016
Roles: Design Lead, Art Direction, Interaction, Motion, 3D Composition, Retouching, Production
Team: Andrew Dean, Justin Arnold, Pawel Pietryka, Dan Tobolic, Susan Glodich, Dinesh Dave